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I've been making and creating for a long time. Throughout that time, I've had lots of people say, "Wow, your work is awesome! I could never do that!" But I'm telling you that YOU CAN! 

My love of working with my hands come from watching my mom sew when I was young. I never fully appreciated the work that she did back then. She did lots of sewing and lots of painting. She was always making a gift for someone. My Grandma Morey also had a dedicated sewing room that my sister and I loved to explore. My Grandma Susie could crochet just about anything and could not even read a pattern. 

I truly believe that there is a need in our lives to make something that we are proud of, to learn a craft or trade. With my Workshops hosted by moreygirl, I hope to bring you just that! I want to help you learn the trades that our mothers and grandmothers knew. There is a whole world of sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, and homemaking in general, that I think we are missing out on! 

Workshops hosted by moreygirl will be taught by several different people. I am not fluent in every trade and I am just as excited to learn too! 

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