Have you ever went to the store and settled for something that was almost what you wanted? I mean, yeah, it's cute but it could be so much more.

That right there...that's why I started sewing! 

Hi! I'm Heather. I'm moreygirl. Well, I'm one of the Morey girls. My maiden name is Morey and I have three sisters and a brother (but he's just Jake). This whole thing started with an old sewing machine and a couple lessons at a quilt shop. I started making baby blankets and things kinda took off from there. 

This year is the year of the tote. I've really narrowed my focus down to my bags and I think you are gonna love 'em! 

Everything at moreygirl is made by me, right here in Illinois. I do have help though and my sister Charity hand knits all the knitted goods. 


Beginning in May, there will be opportunities to purchase online. There are a few things now but I am preparing for some local markets that I am really excited about! 

I'll be posting about those too! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!