keeping it real

  • Dec, 19 , 13
  • Heather Windish

This is the second post I have written today... 

You won't see the first one.


It started out like this:

I should be wrapping Christmas presents. I only have today and tomorrow and my boys will be home for break. And tomorrow I get to do the craft with Bo's first grade class. Fun:)


But this morning while drinking my coffee I came across a blog post. Nicely written, but I'm not sure the intentions were nice. 

Just another snarky "I'm better than you are" type of post, under the guise of "look how great I am". Then followed up with "oh, but I'm not perfect."   ---oh excuse me, could you hear the gagging?---


Words are important. We have the first amendment for crying out loud. It's one of the things that I love about this country and it's also one of the things I hate. Because honestly, none of us want to hear how somebody thinks differently than we do. Because, in our brains, one of us is wrong....and the other one is me. 

Then I went on a huge rant about fb and how i'm not on it anymore. (except for moreygirl, it's still on there)



Then I thought about it.



Really, what I want to say to you is Merry Christmas and I love you.



I'm sure that you needed to hear that. You know why?


Because I need to hear it too. 


People and things aren't perfect. Just take a look at my Christmas card. I'm a flipping photographer and I can't even get my own family to smile for a pic. 




For crying out loud, it's ridiculous. But I love them for it. They are boys just imitating their father. And why wouldn't they? I think he's pretty great myself. Even if he doesn't smile for the camera. 



I mentioned on the moreygirl page that I'm just "keeping it real". This is real life. This is what we are doing. We are living! Matt and I are raising boys to be men. I was not saying that your card isn't real because it depicts all happy kids when we all know kids aren't happy all the time! Just that this is us.....on most days.....and this shot was the best one out of twenty-five.


I'm sad that we think we even need to compete. That we even think we need to push down another to puff ourselves up. That we have to have a better Christmas card than the next. I've taken myself out of that fb race. I will not measure my life up against someone else's highlights reel.



So there you go:


Merry Christmas and I love you. More importantly Jesus loves you. That's the whole reason for this card and season anyway! 


I hope you are happy and blessed. 



Just some outtakes to make you feel better.