What's in a name?

  • Jun, 05 , 15
  • Heather Windish

Mattie Wilhelmina

The whole time I was pregnant, we argued about names. If you know my husband Matt at all, you know it was an argument, not a discussion. One day I jokingly suggested Mattie as her name. He latched on to that like a pit bull, and that was it. That was her name...even if she came out a boy. 

Secretly, I didn't hate it. I had originally wanted to name her Billie. My grandma's name was Wilhelmina. My grandpa called her Willie. But Matt and I agreed that we were going to name our kids what we were going to call them and Willie Windish wasn't going to happen. Mattie and Billie were on the same list in my baby name book. And you know, there's something about a girl and her dad. I guess deep down, I wouldn't hate sharing something like that with my dad. 

On the day she was born, she came out red faced and barking orders. She was every little bit Matt and my grandma. And then and there, she was Mattie Wilhelmina. She couldn't be anything else.

Names mean something to me. I love that my sister picked out my name. I love that I share my middle name with my mom and my two nieces. My boys both have family names. Even my business is named moreygirl...my maiden name is Morey.