monday, monday

  • Sep, 24 , 12
So thanks for being excited with me on the new house! I felt like I was going to explode not telling anyone for awhile! But it'd be even worse to tell everyone then have to take it back! oh the disappointment!

Today the contractors are here working on the "wood" part of the house. That's what I call it, since the basement is done. Slone asked me last night if he could have heat in his new room. Oh you read that right. The poor boys only have a space heater in the attic room that they share now. You should've seen his face when I told him there would be air conditioning too!

If you follow me on pinterest at all, you probably noticed the onslaught of home decor ideas lately.

I love me some pinterest and it's really helped bring my ideas together! Matt has looked at my pinterest boards and all he see is "this is gonna cost me a lot of money." I really don't see my boards like that. Everything on there is a jumping off point. I really don't have to have everything in the picture of just like the picture.

For instance, take this picture...

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I love this porch. I love the doors on this porch. But the doors do not necessarily make sense on my house. But my house does have the three columns on the front like this, which I love. And I love the look of the wood floor and the extra wide steps. I also think I'm digging the no railing.

How about this picture?

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Be still my heart.  I love everything about this. But I won't have glass doors on my shower. And I am thinking the tile on the wall behind the vanity might be too expensive. But I love the hex tiles in marble and I love the wood vanity with all the white and grey. 

See what I mean on the pins just being jumping off points? Not exactly what I want, but I never want exactly what someone else has anyway. 

So I've been scouring magazine and website, looking for what I want. I've found a couple that I'm gonna share with you.

Joss and Main. Usually, about once a week I find a collection that I want to buy one of everything! If you join, they give me $15. So please join here:

Design Mom has a great series call "Living with Kids" and has a ton of great ideas to incorporate design while, you got it, living with kids. And while my boys seem to destroy just about everything in their paths, I've been taking notes.

The Modern Cottage Co. I love everything that this girl does! I wish she wasn't in Washington! Lots of her ideas are just what I would think of.

Inspiration for Decoration. This blog is just a design dump, but I love almost everyone that she posts. She always has the links so check them out!

Don't worry though! I'll be sharing what we are doing once the fun things start. Block basement walls aren't really that fun to think about right now when I've got much bigger plans in the works!