you have 9 days...

  • May, 31 , 12
...til my birthday.

Collection of Pyrex Dishes

And I've been window shopping on etsy. My sister Lyn says I'm not allowed to buy myself anything until after my birthday. I'm pretty good at just going out and buying what I want...I guess;)

Red Retro Ring

 This ring is from my friend, Heather's shop!

Vintage Daisy Sour Cream Glasses Slightly Imperfect

Sour cream glasses. If they still sold sour cream like this, I'd be eating a lot more baked potatoes and texas cake!

Vintage Metal Porch Glider Patio Swing

And I want one of these badly!

I guess I'll have to wait!
There's a few more over on one of my pinterest boards too;)
hint hint nudge nudge wink wink



May 31 ,2012

Everything on your list is to die for! Did you get any of it? :)