Spring 2016

  • Apr, 24 , 16
  • Heather Windish

Do you ever start something and think "Geesh, that's a lot of work! I'm not sure I really want to keep doing that!" Yeah? No? Well, that is me and blogging. I struggle with what to write, how to say it, how many pics to post...you know, just everything. Because I don't want to sound like a preachy derp. I don't want to sound like a know it all; there is plenty for me to still learn. 

But here's the deal, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. I've been reading a lot of books, well, listening to a lot of books while I sew. And something I've learned lately is, that I have to start somewhere. I have to start period. I am really good about thinking up every excuse on why I'm not ready (see above). I'm really good at talking myself out of something. 

Here we are then, back to square one with the good old blog. I'm not sure anyone reads them anymore. I honestly cannot hardly read a blog. All I want to do is look at pretty pictures, so if you have made it this far, thanks.

New things for moreygirl this year? 

I've started a hashtag #moreygirlcreatesfor100days It's just a little group/hashtag on instagram called #the100dayproject. I joined in order to keep myself accountable. Follow along at moreygirl on instagram


I have been diving into the world of sewing my own clothes. I love having clothes that I have made. But I'm not loving the time it takes. I am super slow at it. Mostly because I am just not familiar with apparel patterns and techniques. Hopefully I will get better at it with practice. One great blog that I have been check out for tips is The Craft Sessions.


Finally, I have also been busy sewing for moreygirl. New bags, zippies, and wallets to come!  They will be in the shop on APRIL 29! I will be posting updates on instagram and my Facebook page too.