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welcome home - the kitchen

Heather Windish

Posted on October 22 2013

As a lot of you know, we added on to our home last year. Then we decided the kitchen really needed some love! I remember the day we first walked into that kitchen. It was wallpapered AND carpeted. It was a disaster. I really need to find those pics!

I promise you I did my homework. You can look at my pinterest pages. I totally stalked Edie from Life in Grace Blog. I love her kitchen and knew I wanted something similar. I had the cabinets made. First I was going to buy ikea cabinets, but I didn't feel they were really that cost effective for us since we would have to drive and get them, put them together, and install them ourselves. Second, I really, really like the Martha Stewart line at home depot. But we were going to have to install them ourselves. We ended up going with a local guy that makes cabinets for a living. His price included installation and I could have them any color I wanted and he was about $2k under the hd price. The cabinets are painted with Fieldstone Gray by Benjamin Moore.

I also really love hardwood floors. But I have two boys and a husband, and they are rough on everything! I knew that the floors would be scuffed up and dented in no time. I found this "wood look" ceramic tile at home depot. I love absolutely everything about it. I have a register that blows out right at the sink so my feet stay toasty in the winter and it's cool in the summer.

I heart my sink. It's perfect. I found it on amazon. Yes, amazon. The cabinet guy wasn't too sure about it. I will admit when I saw it the first time in the box, it looked like a bath tub. Faucet is home depot.

I also had my microwave put under the counter. I really wanted the boys to be able to use it easily. And I knew I wanted a hood and didn't want it up above the stove.

Speaking of hoods...

My cabinet maker also made the hood. I love it. It matches the floor...just by chance. We still don't have backsplashes though. Matt wants total stainless steel behind the stove, which I kindof like that idea. More industrial looking.

The boys love sitting up to the counter and I like it too. Way easy to clean up.

My table is also handmade. Guy is his name. I watched him grow up. I think it's awesome that he made it for me. It's walnut on the top and old barn beams on the bottom.

So there you go! Come over sometime!


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