• Apr, 25 , 12
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Well, I am back with another blog about what I wore:)

As you can see, I got hair hair cut and lightened again. I love bring more blonde in the summertime. One of Matt's friends asked me what my real hair color actually was! It's gray, unfortunately. And blonde is a much easier upkeep than anything dark. But who knows, it might be dark the next time I go. I can't ever make up my mind:)
So have you bought any of the colored pants that are hot right now? I really like them, but is it just me or are the cute colors always in the skinniest toothpick-y styles? Well, I bought some anyway:) what do you think?

They are from old navy. And I have on my favoritest pair of toms. They are the leopard print flats in gray.

I paired it with my navy stripe tee from the gap and my old gray jean jacket. I'm sure it's from old navy.
The whole time I wore this outfit, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I'm definitely not used to the bright pants. Anyone else feel this way? I just kept telling myself to get over it.
So what do you think? Will colored pants be "in" for awhile? Or should I put them out with the garage sale?
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Apr 25 ,2012

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants. SO MUCH! Keep rocking them. I am on the hunt for some cute ones, too… So glad you did WIWW…I have missed them so : ) BTW Your hard work shows, you look FANTASTIC!