oh deer! Christmas crochet

  • Feb, 12 , 14
  • Heather Windish

I know, I know...Christmas was a long time ago. 

But I just found these pics on my computer and realized that I showed a pic of these cute reindeer on instagram but not on my blog.


I die from the cuteness! They have a couple of jingle bells in them so they will rattle when they are shaken...shook? Whatever...

I got the pattern off of Craftsy. There's an app for the patterns. I really like having the patterns on my phone or my iPad because I don't have to have a ton of loose leaf papers all over the place. I will have to show you how I keep them organized on there someday, but now back to the reindeer...

The tail cracks me up! These went to the two littlest niece and nephew.