exciting news

  • Sep, 18 , 12
  • windish01@yahoo.com
For the longest time, I have wanted a new house. Maybe not necessarily a new house but a bigger one. It's not that my house is junky, (well it's just old) we were out of space! 
We sleep in a 8x12 foot room. 
The boys sleep in the attic. 
We have one closet, just one, in the entire house. 
And it's in the room we use as an office. 

But Matt decided this was the year to do something about it, so we went from this... 

...to this! 

I told Matt that I wasn't telling anyone about any of it until there was concrete in the hole. I was so scared that it really wouldn't happen that I need something as solid as concrete to be sure that I was actually getting a bigger house!

Of course, we have had a drought all summer until we dug the hole. We have had rain every week since. Check out all the water in that bottom hole.

Plans have been drawn...and erased...and argued over...and redrawn. We both are pretty happy with what we have now. We picked out our doors and windows last Saturday. Going with a craftsman/cottage-y look. I'm super excited to show you our progress as we go along! 

The basement floor goes in this week, as well as the contractors starting the end of this week too!


Chris Perham

Sep 18 ,2012

I lived in a tiny house for 13 years and was so excited to stand in my big one and stretch out my arms. I am glad you will be able to do the same. Chris

Donna Dawson

Sep 18 ,2012

That’s really exciting. So much to look forward to. Very happy for you and your family.