Cleaning out

  • May, 11 , 12
Do you start out organized and then end up like this?

It happens to me constantly! I think I'm really getting caught up on my house cleaning, and then I open this drawer to get out my makeup:(

I took everything out and washed up the little compartments. This dresser stands right outside my bathroom. I actually really like having all my makeup and hair accessories there. I keep my nail polish and perfume in there too.

So from left to right: hair stuff, perfume and a little dish for loose change that always collects here (my bc is in it too, otherwise I'd forget to take it), nail polish, basic makeup, then all the extra makeup in the tulip Clinique (free) bag. Up at the top are my phone accessories, and some shoe polish.

I hang my purse right to the left of the dresser. It makes it easy for me to grab the extra change I need, or my phone cords, and drop them in my purse when I'm headed out the door.

I honestly have never been this organized. But with a house as small as mine, I'm learning that you have to be! Plus I feel way better about myself when I'm not rushing around looking for my eyelash curler;)

- Love, Heather



May 11 ,2012

ha! Love it. come organize me now : )