Kitchen dreams

  • Mar, 22 , 13

This post should really be titled "All the stuff I want but can't afford right now because I just spent all my money on cabinets and appliances"

I'm telling you now, I am obsessed with all things kitchen right now! My cabinets are here and being installed and things are really starting to take shape.

And if I had my way I would buy all new stuff to put in it!

Did you hear something?

I think it's my husband crying.

These stools I think I will have to have. We are going to have a little bar area and I don't have any stools at all. They are from overstock. Just search yellow stools and these come up. The yellow I think is awesome, but I'm also torn because they have orange ones too. But the orange are not in stock right now. Which would you pick?

I love these sour cream glasses. I want them all.

These are some super fun labels too!

And I would also love to have a new table. Ours is a bit beat up. But I think I could manage to get something like this built. I could never afford one otherwise.