first day of school

  • Aug, 25 , 15
  • Heather Windish

The boys started school last week. It doesn't seem possible that the summer is over. Everything went fast this year. Maybe it's because once you throw a baby in the mix, all the days just seem to run together? I don't know. They played baseball this summer, showed their pigs, and they've already started football for the fall.

I think they were more excited than they let on. At least they haven't been complaining about school work or their teachers yet, anyway. But they do love their school. They love getting to see their friends everyday, which for a kid that doesn't live in town, is a big deal!

Slone is in 5th grade this year. I have a little bit of a complex about 5th grade. I can readily remember the year that I went. Not that it was a bad year or anything, I just remember thinking that I was grown up. I definitely didn't think of myself like I think of Slone. He's still only ten, at least until November. 

Bo is in 3rd grade. All he is worried about is if they will get to play football at recess.