Selfish Sewing

  • May, 03 , 16
  • Heather Windish

Have you been following along on ig lately? I've been doing a lot of sewing for myself, selfish sewing if you will. 

Why, you ask? Well, I do believe it helps with my creativity. I very much like having a finished product at the end of the day. Quilts about drive me crazy because I just cannot get them all done in one sitting. Don't worry. The quilt I started on ig a month ago is almost finished! I just get bored, I guess. 

mini blocks

Mini quilts have been lots of fun for me though. Those are the little quilts that you've seen on my ig. They are so much fun for me. As long as I can finish a little block, I'm good to go. I have found a few swaps through instagram, which are a ton of fun. You have a partner and know their name and ig handle. But you don't know who has your name and what they are making. 

If you are wanting to join a are asking the wrong person! I don't have any tips for finding them! I have honestly just been in the "right place" on ig at the right time. I do encourage you to search through hashtags. 

I also finished a dress for myself! I'm super excited to wear it but it's been too cold. I'm ready for it to be 80 again. I would even settle for some sunshine.  Anyway, this is the Tova pattern by Wiksten.  It was not as scary of a pattern as I thought it would be. I didn't add the sleeves, mostly because I was scared, secondly because it's almost summer. 

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