another house update

  • Oct, 26 , 12
Some of you have been's the house? well, the house is fine. It's me that will end up with an(other) ulcer by the time it's all done. I can't seem to make a flipping decision on what I want! Which is really ridiculous! 

First, they cant put the sconces in the bathroom where I want, something about the cold air return on the furnace being in the way. 

Then I have contractors in my "old" house while I'm not there. Still mad about that one. I mean really mad. 

The stairs need widened a little because we have to add more insulation to the outside walls there. 

It has rained every week since we dug the hole. We even survived the hurricane (well, the remnants of one) that came through. The hillside to the basement is so muddy, you can't get in the house that way. 

that plywood is where the contractors enter the house.
Oh, and now my house is full of mice. We have caught 5 in the last three days. This makes me sad and mad all in one.

BUT that sounds like a lot of complaining!

I am thankful we have a house to live in right now. At least we didn't have to move out while they work. 

I'm so excited to have a new bathroom and bedroom for myself. And that the boys get to sleep across the hall from me. 

It is fun to pick out what I want, even if I cant decide. I read this post from the Nester today that put it in perspective for me. If you haven't read the Nester, I really like her and her style.

The roof is on and the windows are in! I love the look of the steel roof. Some have said that the roof might be loud. Well, I have now heard it rain on it and I cannot hear it in the old part at all. Still can in the new but there is no insulation or anything in the new part yet.
mud slide
fixing the steps.
I'll be back with more of what I'm picking out. Matt says to not buy anything until we can move it in. Which is a good thing! We have no where to store it!