Sixth Grade: Mommy's Piggy TALES

  • Jul, 29 , 10

So I've joined yet another online group...It's called Mommy's Piggy Tales. I, along with a group of other bloggers are going to be telling little tales from our youth every Thursday for awhile. Does it sound like fun to you? You should join us!

Here is the link, just click on the pic:

I've jumped in a little late and am going to be starting at sixth grade and will be coming back around to the younger years later.


I was eleven in sixth grade. I was one of the biggest girls in my class. And I went to a private Christian school and there were only probably 15(?) of us. I can't remember now. I'm sure I could ask my friend Emma, she would remember. She went to school with me through every year there. She has a way better memory than I do. Anyway, being one of the biggest girls in the class in sixth grade meant that you were bigger than all the boys too. I can remember starting to get that fat complex back then, even though I was no where near fat. There was a lot of self consciousness going on for most of that year. But for some weird reason, I had a crush on Richie, the smallest boy in the class.

I probably grew the most that year. Our school had a dress code. We had to wear skirts and they had to come to the middle of your knee. The skirts that fit at the beginning of the year became way too short by Thanksgiving. I was continually pulling my skirt down, but I would always forget and our teacher would always have to say something. Did I mention that my teacher was a man, and he was the principal? I remember one time one of the teachers aids was giving a lesson and I don't remember about what. But she said something dumb like "we show how much we honor God by how long our skirts are." Well, I'm sure she didn't actually say that, but she might as well have. Then everyone in my class turned in their desks and looked at me. More self consciousness followed.

I played the piano and took lessons from my principle/teacher's wife. While I didn't really hate the lessons, there was still practice. After hearing my aunt play the piano this last weekend, I really wish that I would have kept up with it. I am pretty sure that I played The Spinning Song for recital that year. Worst recital ever. You should never pick a song that everyone recognizes because if they don't know the song, they don't know if you screwed up.

My mom and dad also put our house up for sale that year. I don't remember a lot of details around it, just that it took a really long time to sell. That story will have to be saved for next week;)

I am going to have to dig out some old pictures so you guys can see them.



Jul 29 ,2010

Welcome to our Group and the project. I was always the shortest girl, and often am the shortest adult. I always envied the tall girls. Now I realize that being short is really who I am and I’m okay with it. Have fun writing your memories!

Dan and Donette

Jul 29 ,2010

Oh, how well I remember skirts that were too short! I wasn’t the tallest in class, but for some reason in 6th grade I always got picked on for wearing skirts that had inched up to the top of my knee. Sounds like our schools were very similar!