• Aug, 11 , 11

This isn't a garden perfectly manicured with no weeds, bugs, or worms. This is my little garden, right in my back yard.

IMG_3293 copy

Dad came over and helped me build it. Actually, I think he did most of it then. I saw the idea for a raised bed in a magazine. I thought it would work better than just a regular garden that would be way to easy for someone (cough*Matt*cough) to run over with the lawn mower. Don't think he woundn't. He mowed down a beautiful forsythia bush because "it took too much time to mow around." uh huh.

IMG_3301 copy

I've been harvesting tomatoes and green peppers for three years now. The boys seem to like checking it out. They really like to pick everything for me, except the weeds. To be honest, I'm not very good at that either. But it's a dirty job.

IMG_3305 copy

That was just this morning, before the dew was gone. It was a whopping 58 degrees while I was out there! Kinda chilly!

IMG_3294 copy

But oh the tomatoes look delish! They usually make their way into a bacon and tomato sandwich. I'm going to have to make salsa or some spaghetti sauce though. I have way to many for just sandwiches. Maybe you'd like to come over for one? :)

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Aug 11 ,2011

hi! i saw your comment on my house blog from heather. i got my couch at costco a few years ago. it is there right now! only $700! we LOVE it.


Aug 11 ,2011

Your tomatoes are so pretty! Love your blog!