• Sep, 09 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com
We had a little rain last night while we ate our supper. I looked out the window to see this!

IMG_3737 copy

Can you see the double rainbow in that pic? It's to the right of the bright one.

I hadn't seen a rainbow that bright in a long time:) Once, at our old house, a rainbow ended right in our yard.  That was pretty cool. No pot o' gold though.

This one was a full rainbow though.  Right over our little homestead.

IMG_3734 copyIMG_3732 copy Hope you have a great weekend!



Sep 09 ,2011

lovely pictures!!

hannah singer

Sep 09 ,2011

wow! rainbows amaze me, those are gorgeous.
love how it framed your cute house, too!

happy friday! xo