Crazy Life

  • Oct, 28 , 11
Things were a little crazy this week! Everything seems to be coming down at once! I started last week a little down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself. Same old, same old way of thinking. Then I started reading One Thousand Gifts, thanks to Hannah and her lovely blog:) (more on this book and blog later)

Anyway, from that book I started my thankful list. And my attitude has changed. I'm happy, energized, encouraged, just better. Oh, and I ran my first 5K with Michelle, then she convinced me to go to Body Pump! And I finished my projects for the week! Here's a look at them!

This awesome messenger was a special order for my new friend, Margie! She is a photographer over in the Macomb area. She takes some beautiful pictures! Check her out at G. Jean Photography.
Hi Margie!

 IMG_4420 copy

These were another special order from Cassie. They are little ballet bags for her two girls! Cassie is married to Matt's cousin. Her girls are the cutest and they look like they could be my boys' sisters.

IMG_4421 copy

I finally finished Brady's IH quilt! It turned out great! I'm really glad that project is over:) and Gretchen and Nick are all moved in and their new house looks great. I'll take some pics next time I visit!


And I had an engagement session last weekend too! Molly and Caleb are great and I think their wedding is going to be super fun! {Molly, you can expect your pics to be up by tomorrow morning!}

IMG_4378 copy fb

And I also have a question for you all!  
What would you like to see more of on the blog? 
 Let me know! I know that wiww is pretty popular...I know, I missed it this week but I'll do it next week! Still like the Creative God series? Just taking some suggestions:)



Oct 28 ,2011

I love everything about your blog. Does that help?

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens

Oct 28 ,2011

I literally just this morning thought that i needed to dig out my One Thousand Gifts book and re-read it. I just gotta keep counting & adding up all that i have to be thankful for. Love all your pretties…and I would love to see your photo shoots(only cause’ I love me some photography) or even helpful photo tips?? :)