• Oct, 19 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com
Today might be a little boring. It's cold here today. Like 50. Yeah. Laura tried to tell me how cold she was in SC with like 65-70 degree weather...uh huh.

IMG_4284 copy

I have to head to the school today to pick up the boys. Slone has a bad cold and it's in his ears. So we are headed to the doctor's office straight after school. They get out early today so it's not that bad. Then tonight I have a planning meeting with my MOPS girls!

This is what I usually wear....when I want to be comfy.

IMG_4279 copy

Boring. But at least I put on a necklace and cute earrings:)

IMG_4282 copy

Oh, and the shoes...love these shoes. But they are killer hard on my feet. Like literally hard. 

IMG_4287 copy

So there you have it! Not a going out outfit but real life.


skye @ neathering our fest

Oct 19 ,2011

those shoes are adorable! i love them! :)

yesterday (wednesday) it was 70. this morning it was 34. talk about a temperature drop! but i love the cooler weather. i’m running out of summery things to wear and i’m ready to pull out the fall clothes!

live by the sun, luv by the moon

Oct 19 ,2011

Those shoes are simply adorable. Too bad they weren’t more comfy!