• Oct, 05 , 11
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Here we go. Another week. Are they going by faster!? 

I haven't really been very creative in the outfit department lately. I've been busy sewing and getting ready for fall shows.
But I did manage to get dressed. But it was long sleeve tshirts and jeans like this:

IMG_4005 copy

This is pretty standard uniform for me...I'm going to try to branch out.

Tell me...how old do you have to be before leggings are stupid?

IMG_4010 copy

I really want to know. I have some but no guts to wear them.

IMG_4045 copy

New scarf...made by me.

Do you ever feel like this?
Source: tumblr.com via Sheila on Pinterest

I do. a. lot. :)
Have a great Wednesday!

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Oct 05 ,2011

YES! I’ve had that thought far too many times in life..I think it’s totally valid!

Ellie Waite

Oct 05 ,2011

I see plenty of women in the city wearing leggings, long sweaters, scarves, and flats. I always think they look cute and age appropriate! I always think, as long as I have something larger and baggy on top, I can wear tighter on the bottom :)