• Sep, 28 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com
Here we are again...another Wednesday!

I wore this on my little weekly shopping trip to get groceries and I had a $10 off coupon at Old Navy so you know I had to stop there. They had their clearance half off the clearance price! I got lots of more outfits for wiww:)

IMG_3999 copy

I got these little flats at gap last year. They are fine for a couple of hours but they are miserable to wear any longer than that. It's like walking on cardboard, no support. Hey, they were really cheap. 

IMG_4000 copy

Here's what my hair looks like:) I really love it. I love it more the more I see it.

IMG_3979 copy

And I wore this on Sunday. Those are my favorite jeans. They are from gap. I guess I need to go get the short ones because I need to wear some with my flats. Those bracelets there are some cheapies that I crocheted over. They took forever to do. Maybe I'll show you how one of these days:)
IMG_3977 copy

There you have it! Another week! Happy Wednesday!


Cami @ camileedesigns

Sep 28 ,2011

Your hair is super-cute…and so are your bright accessories! WIWW has made me a total bargain shopper too. I like having something new to offer each week!


Sep 28 ,2011

your hair looks great! and all of your outfits look great too:)

(but no, really, i love your hair lol)

sharde @ the style projects