first day of school

The boys started school last week. It doesn't seem possible that the summer is over. Everything went fast this year. Maybe it's because once you throw a baby in the mix, all the days just seem to run together? I don't know. They played baseball this summer, showed their pigs, and they've already started football for the fall.

I think they were more excited than they let on. At least they haven't been complaining about school work or their teachers yet, anyway. But they do love their school. They love getting to see their friends everyday, which for a kid that doesn't live in town, is a big deal!

Slone is in 5th grade this year. I have a little bit of a complex about 5th grade. I can readily remember the year that I went. Not that it was a bad year or anything, I just remember thinking that I was grown up. I definitely didn't think of myself like I think of Slone. He's still only ten, at least until November. 

Bo is in 3rd grade. All he is worried about is if they will get to play football at recess. 

Heather Windish
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Slone's Lego Party

birthday kid

Well, we survived another party:) This time, Slone wanted a lego party. I don't really go all out on decorations but I try to make their cakes to go along with their theme. The lego man head is just a regular cake with a cupcake cut down to size on top, then frosted with yellow frosting.

birthday kid

He got an art set. He also got a book on how to draw 101 pets...BIG hit.

birthday kid

Of course, he got some legos!

birthday kid

lego cookies
Slone's own giant cookie

My friend, Evie, just started up her own cookie business ~ Too Little Time Cookies ~! I thought cookies would be fun instead of just cake this time. I was right. Four dozen cookies and not a single one left over! (Click on the link up there for her fb page. You can contact Evie there for your own cookies!)

lego cookies


We had a great time! Thanks to everyone that came! Love you!
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day out at the mall

mall photos with the boys

We went to the mall yesterday with Matt. That's right, Matt went to the mall. But only because he wanted a new pair of cowboy boots. (hahaha)  There was a photobooth right outside of the store and Matt is a slower shopper than I am. So the boys and I went out and took some pics. 

Hope you had a great weekend!
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What? No award?

Nine years, people, nine years. Nine years ago at this time (6pm) I married Mattie. I can remember talking to Lyn the week before I married him and she asked me to name off some of the things I didn't like about him. The only thing I could think of is that he bit his fingernails (still does). Oh brother, how naive.

Seriously, the first few years were the absolutely hardest thing I have ever done, hands down. But I am completely sure that it has been worth it...even if he did buy me an excursion for my anniversary this year.

nine years ago

Love you, Mattie. Wouldn't have it any other way.
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yee haw

We went to the rodeo on Saturday. The boys were extremely excited! That is, until about the last round of bull riding. I don't know what they were complaining about, they each sat on our laps to see and those bleachers were hard!

bull rider

The favorite of the night was the bulls though. Even though we had this kind of entertainment...

stunt girl

matt saw something interesting

Matt was probably just making sure she got off the horse ok? ;)

me n bo

Bo sucked his fingers the entire time.

I liked the calf roping.

calf roping

and some bareback riding.


Point and shoot cameras stink at night time. I can't take a picture with them at dark.

We did have a great time. The boys wanted to get ice cream afterward, but I don't think they even made it out of town before they were asleep!

What did you do this weekend?
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Slone has grown up. Remember when he looked like this?


Well, the "big heart" part, that still goes. His new teacher gave us a little paper about a book she is going to read the kids today. It's about a momma who kisses the kid's hand and tells him if he feels scared at school, he can put his hand to his face, feel the kiss, and know his mom loves him. So I kissed his hand and told him about the story. The kid had tears in his eyes, which obviously put tears in mine. He really is big hearted.

When did this...

Slone on Hayrack ride

become this?

failed together shot

But I really am happy that he is growing up. I have a huge amount of pride when the new teacher told me that the old teacher says he's a great kid. I hope he grows up to be a great man. Actually, I pray that he does.


bus is here!

Marty, the bus driver, cracks me up in this pic...
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Old Settlers Days

Every year we go to Brimfield for Old Settlers Days. There was a parade, rides, games, lawn mower races, food...lots of food, and fun.

Slone rode on the parade float with the church.

Slone on the float

Lexi got lots of candy and shared the "big boy candy" with my boys, since Slone couldn't catch any because he was on the float.

lexi and her stash

Max scarfed down a popsicle that were passed out at the parade.

max and his popsicle

Matt had to compete in the lawn mower races...He got third and won two bucks. Believe me, he is still talking about it and how he would've won...blah, blah, blah. I seriously have to tune him out. Does he not realize that it doesn't matter and first only won like five dollars?

matt, the great lawn mower racer

We were walking back after the races and the boys wanted to ride on the ferris wheel. I'm not sure that they have ridden on a big one. We bought some tickets and got on. Bo was tense and couldn't hardly stand it at first. I have to admit, I didn't really like it either...Am I getting old? All I could think about was how rickety it was.

Here's his face during the ride.

Bo on the ferris wheel

We had to hold hands...he insisted.

we had to hold hands...his idea

The view from the top of the ferris wheel.

from the top of the ferris wheel

Since this week Slone starts school, it was a good way to say so long to summertime.
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