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  • first day of school

    Heather Windish

    Posted on August 25 2015

    The boys started school last week. It doesn't seem possible that the summer is over. Ev...
  • Slone's Lego Party

    Posted on December 07 2010

    Well, we survived another party:) This time, Slone wanted a lego party. I don't really ...
  • day out at the mall

    Posted on September 27 2010

    We went to the mall yesterday with Matt. That's right, Matt went to the mall. But only ...
  • What? No award?

    Posted on September 08 2010

    Nine years, people, nine years. Nine years ago at this time (6pm) I married Mattie. I c...
  • yee haw

    Posted on August 23 2010

    We went to the rodeo on Saturday. The boys were extremely excited! That is, until about...