Bill & Theresa - moreygirl weddings

Theresa and Bill's day ended up pretty awesome!

Heather Windish
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my newest little relative

My sister had her baby! If you visited with us at the Spoon River Drive, she's the one that was sitting with me the first weekend. 

I'm so in love with my new little niece! 

Meet Eva Marie.

Did I tell you Marie is my middle name? It's my mom's middle name too. And my other niece, Maggie's too. Eva gets to join in on the fun too:)
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Kayla & Luke ~ Engaged!

Meet Kayla and Luke!

It's really a small world because I went to school with Kayla. She's a bit younger than I am but when you go to a really small school, we were around each other quite a bit. Luke is my neighbor's son. His mom Diana, was one of my mentor moms at MOPS. She lead the crafts while she was there until I took it over. 

These are two that are just to good to not make big:)
The whole night was a great night to take pics! 

Hope the best for the two of them!

You can check out all their pics over on the photography page!
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