For the boys

  • Jun, 17 , 08

I love this new set that I made up! Actually, I've had it done for a couple of weeks, just never put it on etsy yet! I think that it's a great choice for a little boy with all the green, brown, and gray. It's also such a bold, digital print. You can click on the pic to take you directly to my shop:

This little mushroom was growing in our yard the other day. Slone thought that it was so neat (even though there was no way he was going to touch it)! It was only about a half dollar size, not very big at all, and look at all the tiny details of the gills. I thought it was a cool picture, perfect for boys.

Oh and I can't mention boys without showing you my boys. I know that this looks dangerous, but it was Slone's idea:

I had been splashing them both with water while I was watering my flowers. Slone started yelling, "hey, don't get Bo wet! He's my best friend!" It melted my heart. I don't think I've really ever mentioned 'best friends' to him. I am so glad that he loves his baby brother:)



Jun 17 ,2008

Those bibs are so cute and very boyish : ) Your two little boys are adorable as well! My oldest two are boys and I miss them when they were little like this. They are teenagers now and not quite so sweet to each other LOL