Merry Christmas!

  • Dec, 26 , 08

Well, a day late but I do hope you did have a merry Christmas! We still have one party tomorrow, and I am supposed to bring the dessert. Our oven got fried last week though, during that ice storm we had, because our power was off for so long and surged. So trying to find some desserts that would be yummy for Christmas without baking has been a little bit of a challenge. That means no cookies or cakes:(

Also, have you heard of the new law that has already passed that is going to make all handmade items for children under 12 illegal (without the proper, expensive testing)? Here's the link for the actual law:

It covers everything that is for children 12 and under. Yes, that means my little business too. So unless there are some amendments to the law, that's it for tons of baby companies out there. There is some new hope though. Read this from yahoo news: