Freecycle is awesome!

  • Nov, 17 , 08

Don't know what Freecycle is? It's a terrific way to get rid of your stuff that you don't want anymore! Since I don't live within any city limits, it's kinda hard to have a yard sale. Plus, I don't want to store it until I do, so I put it on Freecycle. It's great for getting rid of diapers that don't fit. I've also put my old printer on there too.

Well, today I lucked out! This morning a post came through for a heavy duty ironing board and a playstation at the same place. I emailed her and went to pick it up. And it was a Playstation 2! FOR FREE! I was excited, because it's also a dvd player, and we don't have one!

Slone's already getting the hang of it:)


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife

Nov 17 ,2008

Wow, that’s a great Freecycle score! He looks like he just won the lottery, lol! :)