Cookies and Sweeties

  • Oct, 18 , 08

Today, we baked some cookies.
Yummy cookies.
Cookies that you just can't quit eating cookies.
Cookies that even when you feel sick you still keep eating them cookies.

Yes, they were good. But I don't know if they were that good or if I just don't have any self control.

They are called Cowboy Cookies and the recipe was in the back of Martha Stewart's October magazine. They have oatmeal, coconut, pecans and semisweet chocolate chunks in them.

Here are the boys right before bed. Now why, may I ask you, do they not do this when I am on the phone? It's like I live with a bunch of wild men while I'm trying to talk to my sisters. I still love this though...especially because they did it all on their own:)