This weekend...

  • Apr, 19 , 09

I was checking out some new blogs that I found and came across this one...La Bella Vita. She writes a "Wednesday Whistle", it's basically a letter to her two young girls every Wednesday. I think that it's a great idea, so I'm going to copy her:) Mine won't be a "Wednesday Whistle" but hopefully I can keep up with it...Here goes...

Dear Slone & Bo,
Today in Sunday school, Pastor Don asked us what would be three things that we would want to say to the ones we loved if we weren't going to be here any more. I didn't write anything down this morning. I just thought about the two of you and how incredibly much I love you both. Even with the whining, the kamikaze stair jumping, the screaming, the boy noises, I love you so much. So I guess that's number one.

Number two. Don't get discouraged! I am proud of you and know that you both will do something great. I pray for you everyday that you will have terrific lives, that you grow up to be Godly men. Things don't always go like we think that we should, remember that God is always good.

Number three. Don't forget to pray, and read your Bible everyday. I mean everyday. I'll be honest with you. I never read my Bible everyday until this year. I wonder if you'll remember me reading it every morning. It's changing my life. I hope that you can grasp this concept much more quickly than I did.

Well that was pretty deep for the first little installment:) Slone is so sweet like this, even with a filthy face. But it's my little boy's filthy face.