little boy, big truck

  • May, 20 , 09

Dear Slone (Sloney, Monkey-Butt, Little Man),

Well, your nicknames aren't nearly as nice as Bo's. Sorry about that. I hope you know that I love you. You should, we say it to each other twenty times a day. I love the way you say it too, "Mom, I love you the whole world." I think you're saying that you love me most in the whole world. I do too, Sloney. You are sensitive, kind, and smart. I hope you stay that way. I wonder if you'll use those gifts to become a vet, since you love animals so much. You just need to get over the fear of them first. But you are doing better with that:) I'm so excited to see you grow up! Preschool here you come!

Remember to always be sensitive, kind, and smart...especially to your brother. I hope you two grow up to be best friends. You will, if I have anything to do with it!

Love you the whole world, Mom



May 20 ,2009

So sweet!