• Nov, 30 , 09

Five years old. 5. FIVE. Five years. I cannot believe that you are five, kid. It seems like I just brought you home to your little cowboy nursery, now you share your room with your little brother. It seems like you were just learning how to walk, now you are getting on the school bus all by yourself. It seems like you were just babbling away in your carseat, now, even though I can understand you, I have no idea what you are babbling about (bakugans, dirtbikes, tractors).

But honestly, I like five so far. I love that you can tell me you just had the best party ever. I love that you are sharing your new toys with your brother. I love hearing you say I love you back to me.

So, grow up, Slone. Even bigger and better things are coming! I love you!