So who gave this child a pen?

  • Nov, 28 , 09

Because you should never {NEVER} give a two year old a pen! I'm pretty sure I didn't give it to him, but I have no idea how he got it. I was just thankful that he was quiet. He looked so sweet and innocent, until I got closer to him, and realized he was covered in pen marks! But so was/is my couch, the blanket, and of course his arms and legs were a mess too.

Moral of the story....hide your pens when Bo comes over.



Nov 28 ,2009

yea you are updated now on my list … glad you switched back! Makes it a whole lot easier to follow you when I have you on my blog list! Have a great day … oh and don’t let Bo have a pen ever again!


Nov 28 ,2009

Oh my goodness….that looks just like what Taylor did to our couch in the basement….and my computer screen, jeremy has not seen that yet, and the wall next to her bed….and the new seats that I just redid in the dining room…only 5 days after I finished them….At this point…we have no pens in the house!!!!! Only pencils which are on the top shelf because Taylor likes to give them to Morgan….Great…I know…..But Bo looks so angelic….laying there…so sweetly.