• Oct, 27 , 09
  • windish01@yahoo.com

Yes, we went to Disney World. No, Matt didn’t go. But he didn’t want to go, so we left him at home to work. So says Slone.

Here Slone is in Buzz and Woody’s little house. He thought the aliens were funny:) Seriously, that’s the funny face.


Then we had dinner with Mickey Mouse. Slone thought this was great, and it was! I’m all for the characters coming to you instead of you standing in line to see them.


I love this of Bo. This was the last night and the first time he let any of them come near him. It was really cute to see him get over being shy and scared and actually enjoy it.


See all the excitement on their faces when they got to meet their hero, Lightning McQueen (or Queen as we call him)? Jeez, that was money well spent.


Slone did think that the Green Army Man was cool. That’s how he even signs his autograph….The Green Army Man. I know, we got his autograph.


This was how Bo spent most of the trip. Fingers in his mouth. It was so stinkin’ hot there that the boys were pretty worn out by noon. This was on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom.