Fun at the Fall Festival

  • Sep, 14 , 09


So Dad bought a steer at the Fall Festival the other night. The boys thought it was great! I’m not really sure they understand what was going to happen to the poor cow but they loved every minute of it:) So much so that Bo wanted to do this…cowwave

When Dad asked him if they should just let the cow run (with Bo on the steer), Bo wanted him too! That’s the little boy that they bought the steer from. I remember him as the same size as Slone. It won’t be long until Slone is doing all that stuff!

After the sale was over, we went up and rode the rides. It’s funny how they know exactly which ones they want to ride on. They also love the games. It sure seems like a lot of money for not much fun (time-wise). They definitely have fun. They the little car/bike merry-go-round first. Bo thinks he’s king, at least of the horn anyway.


Slone acts like his dad and tries to play it cool. But he secretly enjoys it just as much as Bo does.


Then they took a ride on the train. It was a little dull, but Bo enjoyed it nonetheless.


Hope everyone had a great of a weekend as we did!