Slone's first day of school

  • Sep, 08 , 09

So I didn't think I'd be this emotional. I really am excited for him to go, just not so excited that he is without me. Or is it: I am without him? I'm not really sad, not happy, just nervous. But I'm nervous about everything. I try not to be. I hope he doesn't take after me. I wish he's have the confidence that his dad does.

He told us last night that he didn't want to go. We finally got him conviced otherwise. It's amazing what a new shirt, shoes and backpack will do for a kid.

Bo was pretty bummed he didn't get to ride the bus. He keeps saying "own cool" and making a big pouty face. But he's saying "Slone school", like Slone's at school and Bo's not.

He got back this afternoon, says he's going back tomorrow! So overall, a pretty good day. I wonder if he'll even remember this day...