Birthday Fun!

  • Feb, 02 , 10

Yup, Bo is three, officially today! Here are some snippets from Sunday, aka party day. Slone had an invite for Andrew's (a school buddy) bday party at Chuck E Cheese's. That place was a mad house. Seriously, if you can help it, DO NOT go there on the weekend! All you get is school-age kids pushing around the kids who really enjoy it (the ones that really don't understand what the tickets are all about). But anyway, they played in the jungle gym, and I thought that Bo was almost too short to make it up these levels....

...obviously, there was no problem there.

Here we are singing happy birthday to Bo. I lit the candle 3 times, once because someone else blew it out:), twice for Bo because Lyn is a bad videographer:)



Feb 02 ,2010

someone once told me that Chuckee cheese is the like the Bronx for kids … you gotta be real tuff!