granny style

  • Jan, 12 , 10

No, not my underwear....well, maybe. I've been working on some granny squares. I was inspired by some great pics from this girl. Everything on her blog is inspiring. I even want to make a quilt...a BIG quilt. Anywhoooo....

I found this awesome picture of a granny square afghan on flickr.

So I've done some practicing. Here's what I've come up with so far. I think I ready to splurge on some nicer yarn for an afghan of my own. I didn't have any white so I used black. But I'm really liking the white in the afghan above.

Oh yeah, and the mug is from Kinze. I love it. I use it everyday:) Thanks Kinze.



Jan 12 ,2010

You might want to check out the LOVELY Attic 24,, she has a great way for joining Granny’s on the fly.



Jan 12 ,2010

I love it! You did those all by hand?? Looks awesome…I need my mom to teach me to knit, and my granny to teach me to crochet!