my little photog

This is what happens when you teach your five year old how to use the camera. Really though, how is this any different than most of my posts:)

See, these are the things he is really interested in.

His favorite brother

and a self portrait:)

and here's one that I took of him:)

Happy Tuesday!


Oh my word. I just love this. Love that he took pics.

I should post one of my son’s videos one of these days. He got a flip for Christmas. They are hilarious.

I love that you posted these for him. Thanks for linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Hopped over from m3b. Love that shot of your son…great expression. Makes me wonder what he’s thinking.

oh man, love that grin in the last photo!

Such sweet photos! My 3 y.o. is obsessed with the camera! Generally she just takes self portraits, but she branches out sometimes. ;) Your little man is too cute!

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