too deep for Monday?

  • Mar, 22 , 10

I went to Hearts at Home two Fridays ago, and the theme was "mom's the word". They really emphasized the point of making your words count towards good and keeping quiet the bad ones. Well, I have a huge problem with words. Oh, I'm pretty good about keeping my mouth shut when I disagree with an acquaintance. Sometimes I can even keep it quiet with my sisters when they're driving me crazy. But my words when it comes to Matt, watch out! I'm like a crazy person. In fact, I got one of those "I'm sick of your mouth" comments just this last week. 

So, I went to Susie Larson's class, The Uncommon Woman. I liked it so much I bought the book. In the book, she talks about being uncommon: not getting caught up in gossip, being still and listening to God. And so far this week, I've had one of those word moments. Well, kind of....The problem was with an acquaintance, and I just ran the words off in my head not to their face, even though I wanted to really badly. I even came home and talked about it with Matt. I got myself all worked up. I then decided to check some emails and my new book is sitting right next to my computer.

The chapter I was to read next was She Wisely Picks Her Battles. Yup, my cheek's still red from that slap in the face. She talks a little bit about Peter in this chapter...

I am like Peter. Loyal, persistant, loving, faithful, failure, liar, sinking, redeemed. Peter had this tendancy to go in swinging. (start at Luke 22:49 if you want to know more about that.) When all he really had to do was let Jesus handle it. Let Jesus handle it. I'm going to let Jesus handle it. I'm not going to spout of my hurtful words, I'm going to pray for this person, even if it isn't what I want to do. I'm going to let Jesus handle it.



Mar 22 ,2010

Amen, Sister (in-law!). This is an awesome revelation. I also love Peter…I need constant reminding to KEEP MY TONGUE SILENT!! Hope you had a blessed day!


Mar 22 ,2010

Thank you. Wish I would have read this like 5 minutes ago… but thank you for the reminder to give it to Jesus and let him handle my problems for me!