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deer show

Posted on March 08 2010

We went to the "deer show" on Sunday. It was really the "outdoors show", I think that's what they called it. But by this pic, I guess "deer show" is pretty accurate.

My kids had the best day of their little lives so far.

 That is until we got to the deer cage, complete with two little hungry deer.

Slone loved it. Bo hated it. He let loose his blood curdling scream, scared the deer, scared the man that owned the deer, and cracked Matt & me up. Isn't that face hilarious? Love it.

But Slone still had a good time. He loved feeding them. It was cute.


  • moreygirl: March 09, 2010

    That wouldn’t surprise me if Slone was a vet. He’s smart enough for it. Bo, well, I’m afraid he does take after his aunt kinze. But those were some seriously BIG “baby deer”:)

  • Kinze: March 08, 2010

    I really see Slone being a vet in his future! Bo on the other hand … he must take after his auntie Kinz!

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