Yep, I made this!

  • Jun, 28 , 10

This is one of the projects that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I am in love with this secretary's desk. I need a little desk of my own to keep all my "girl junk" off of the trucking desk.

I got the plans off of Knock-off Wood. If you haven't checked out this girl's site, you should. You'll be addicted.

Knock-Off Wood

It's really nice since I can fold up the door and my mess is hidden inside. I was a little chicken to build the drawers like the plans called for though. (well, actually I was too tired. MDF is heavy!) But I found these awesome file folder boxes at the Container Store. They fit perfectly on the bottom shelf.

I don't know if you can tell it or not in the pic, but i painted it a deep purple. I am in love with that color right now. I found some awesome jewelry at Pier One today in the same color:)

Here's a shot of it open...

secretary open

There's my favorite coffee mug on the coaster Slone made me for mother's day. My new little sew kit from Border's that I scored for $7! It has like twenty Amy Butler patterns in it plus some fabric! And my ipod and my calendar.

And some of the books that I've been reading.


Matt says that I need to quit building furniture. My house is too small. But I am addicted! I'm trying to figure out what to build next;)



Jun 28 ,2010

I love love love it! Have you read the Creative Family or Handmade Home? I bet you’d like them. I follow her blog at


Jun 28 ,2010

Heather I love this…..that is totally up my alley – I love the website! PS I will have to post pics of Ms. Taylor’s new would love it! She does very girlie – but not over kill on the pink … so jer said it could stay in our house…hahahah I had it done before he got home…so he literally did nothing…so I felt awesome! I will try to remember those pics!