completely inspired!

  • May, 11 , 10

1. scrappy crazy quilt, 2. Every home should be made of quilt, 3. Hexagons, 4. Heather Ross - Green Gnomes Center Block, 5. ., 6. lunchbag4, 7. Purse no.13 (Olive Green), 8. hexagon pillow 1, 9. ., 10. Plum Posy Cozy, 11. luxe sakura, 12. belle epoque 2, 13. For my little Matthew, 14. DSQ8, 15. I Love Patchwork Preview - Sewing Machine Cover, 16. pinwheel pillow

So I've joined an online quilting bee! Sew Fun 2 starts in June. If you don't know what an online quilting bee is then I'll explain: Every month one member of the group sends out fabric packets to everyone else. Everyone else pieces up a block and sends it back. At the end you have enough blocks for your quilt and you've helped everyone else make up their quilt!

I started looking for inspiration on flickr for the style of quilt I want. I can't decide! But I think I've picked out some fabric. I want it to be able to go with the colors in my house. It's by Michael Miller, The Big E collection. There is also a little hedgehog print that goes with it. I'm thinking maybe they should get thrown into the mix too?

But til I get started on that I really want to try #2 up there in the collage. But Matt's got me running all over the countryside getting truck stuff taken care of. And I need to clean up my sewing room! What a disaster. Hey, it's either clean or play...I don't want to do both.



May 11 ,2010

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! All of them. What a great idea—joining a quilting bee. Can’t wait to see what you decide:)