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Lemonade Cookies

Posted on August 09 2010

Found this recipe from Talkin' Chow and Playin' House. The blog is written by two sisters and they have lots of yummy recipes! I want to try this one next!

I tried calling them Lemonade Cookies so the boys would eat them. I will say that both of them tried them, and they both didn't like them. I liked them though. I think they are a little too strong with lemon for them.

You need a lemon cake mix, veggie oil, eggs, and a lemon.


You make little balls out of the batter. But the batter is so thick, I ended up smashing the cookies out before I baked them.


Then you end up with these pretty little cookies.





  • Carrie: August 11, 2010

    We are going to a cookout on Saturday, and I’m going to make these. Can’t wait to try them:) Thanks Heather!!

  • Jen Dell: August 13, 2010

    Those look yummy!

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