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summer cukes

Posted on July 23 2010

This summer there is nothing that I have loved more than cucumbers and onions. The only thing that's a little dissappointing is that the cucumbers are not from my garden. I planted some but a late frost killed them off.

But I'm sure that I could not even tell the difference.

summer cukes & onions

First you need to chop them all up. I like thin slices like these. And I cut the onion into rings. Then you need to soak both onions and cucumbers in some salt water.


The dressing is one part oil (I used vegetable), one part cider vinegar, and two parts sugar. My "parts" were cups. But I had 4 cucumbers and 3 small onions. You can make it in any size batch. Heat all parts on the stove until sugar is dissolved.

finished salad

I got this pickle bin from tupperware. I think you get two but I gave one to mom. Turns out to be the best thing to keep the cucumbers in. My mom always used to use an ancient Miracle Whip glass jar...I bet she still uses it:)

cuke bin

They are the best when they've been in the fridge for a day.

Happy summer!

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  • CARRIE: July 23, 2010

    YUM!!! Cucumber salad—I’ll be over for a sample;)

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