this is me {random thoughts}

  • Oct, 19 , 10

I went over to my sister's yesterday and read a poem written by my 13 year old neice. It was called A Crazy Girl who Loves Horses. It was beautiful and I wanted to cry when I read it.

So this is a little ode to Maggie, my inspiration for this.

This is Me

i am a daughter, sister, mother, wife.
but i feel pulled in too many directions.
i love to eat but want to lose weight.
i spend money when i'm mad.
this is me.

i want to be creative and happy.
but i get stressed on what to make.
i might wish for another baby.
but i don't ever imagine the baby a girl.
this is me.

i fight the curls in my hair.
but sometimes i think a perm would be nice.
i love all things colorful.
i get bored with the same things.
this is me.

i am thankful for new friends.
i have cried when old friends need to move on.
i want to be famous.
but i am too shy.
this is me.

i am loved for who i am.
by my husband, my family, my Jesus.
i am saved by grace.
but not worthy, that's why it's grace.
this is me.

this is me 2010

What are you inspired to do today? Maybe pick up your pen or laptop. It's kinda liberating to write something like that. I haven't done that for a long time. Let me know if you do write one for yourself. I want to read it.



Oct 19 ,2010

Love it, Hez! Love it!