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  • Oct, 15 , 10

Another little inspirational post for you:)


At the beginning of this school year, Slone started bringing home lots of papers. I started putting them up on the fridge but it quickly filled up. Plus, they were always falling off of the fridge, especially when Bo was around.


I tried to find a magnetic board big enough to fit the wall. They were either too expensive or I couldn't find anything. But I did find a huge corkboard at Menards. 10 bucks! I was pretty excited.


I covered it with some of the fabric that I had from the frame project. I just tried to pull it as straight as possible and stapled it down with my staple gun. As you can tell, it's not completely straight. But it's covered with so many papers that I don't think it matters anymore.

Here are some of Slone's art projects. He really loves to draw. Most of these are what he's done at school and brings home. But he spends a lot of time at his little desk here, just drawing and cutting and gluing. I love it that he loves it:)

hand print pictures are some of my favorites

"then & now"   Back then, he was a baby in his crib. Now, he's playing ball by a tree.

Hope this inspires you to display some of your kids' artwork...or your own!



Oct 15 ,2010

so crazy you put this post up … with ry going to preschool now i found that my fridge was not cutting it either as far as holding all their artwork … so two weeks ago i took a piece of twine and ribbon and strung it across my wall and i use tiny clothespins to hang the pictures … works great! i would say kids art work is the best art work you can get for your wall decor! luv this post!


Oct 15 ,2010

I love Slone’s picture in the crib…he is SO tiny and he looks like he is jumping right out! And, sadly, at almost 6 he can draw better than his old aunt!