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My story - 2-3years

Posted on October 14 2010

Well, there's not a whole lot that I remember about being 2 or 3. My baby sister, Charity showed up about 2 months before my second birthday.


I apparently thought she was pretty great....still do.

This is my grandpa. Mom says this was his birthday party. He passed away when I was 12. I remember him fixing us frozen mini pizza from the Schawans man. They are still a favorite of mine. He also had a little electronic poker game that we would play at his house. And he had cable and would record all the cool cartoons and shows off of USA. He's the reason that I have ever watched Three's Company and The Monkees.


Here's my family on Christmas 1983. Still love my mom's outfit.


And here's a pic that reminds me of my own kids' eyes:)


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  • Janna: October 19, 2010

    Wow! Someone really knew photography in your family. None of our snapshots are that clear and nice.

    Your mom looks awesome in that outfit! Great memories!

  • Kinze: October 15, 2010

    OH MY GOODNESS … do you look like Bo at that age or what?!?! … WOW i didn’t realize how similar you two looked! So cute!

  • Amy@ MomsToolbox: October 17, 2010

    So sweet! I remember watching Threes Company at my grandparents’ house, too. :)

  • MrsH: October 14, 2010

    Your mom does have a pretty great outfit on. I also especially like the collar on your dress :)

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