Thank you!

  • Oct, 04 , 10

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Spoon River Drive! It was great to see some old friends and new customers! I even had a repeat customer that was carrying her MoreyGirl bag from last year! One more weekend of the drive, then I'm putting my goods back up for sale in my shop.

I promise to take some pics of my booth next weekend so you can all see it. I had both my cameras there this last weekend and both batteries were dead! Even the one in my point-n-shoot. grrrr. If you want to see my booth maybe you should just come visit me next weekend:)

Here are some of the random things I did and thought while sitting at my booth...

I spent Saturday texting my mom. I can just see her with her glasses on trying to see the letters:)

Lester, if you read this, say hi.

Clinton, I'm not fat yet:)

To the nice lady and her quilting son and her talkative mother, you were so much fun to chat with! I'm glad you came back. Here's the link to Denyse Schmidt. Check it out. You'll love her.

To the other Moreys (you know, the ones I'm not related to), it was so nice to see you again! I hope to see you every year! It can be our "family reunion".

To everyone that said hi and smiled, I hope you know that it really matters.

To everyone that remembered me from last year, I honestly appreciate all your praise and business! Thank you for making this weekend a success.

Oh yeah, and if you are on Facebook, like MoreyGirl! I usually post new blog entries and am going to try some new things this winter too!

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Here's a sneak peek on our October craft for MOPS!

apple print cards
Tutorial to come tomorrow!