Santa's...err...Slone's list

this cracked me up

Slone wrote this the other night. He and his brother had been especially ornery with each other. Slone was hollering about how Santa is not going to bring Bo anything. That night as I was picking up, I found this written on the back of his art set.

You see Bo is in the "bad" column, while best friend and cousin Jack is in the "gud" column:) Don't look at me for the spelling!  His kindergarten teacher told us to have him sound out everything instead of telling him how to spell words.

I'm surprised he didn't write his on name on the "gud" side.


Jack said that Bo should be, because Bo took that Kung Zhu pet out of his hands at Slone’s party(:…..I laughed so hard!

Marc and I had a really good chuckle out of this. Thanks for sharing:)

Haha…so funny!

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